Movie studio rankings

Disney seems to be on a winning streak at the moment; it’s animations over the past few years have been box office successes (Frozen, Inside Out, Zootropolis, Finding Dory just to name a few) as well as their Star Wars and Marvel franchises.

I wanted to look at how their box office rankings have changed through the years compared to other movie studios/parent companies and the end result is below…
movie studios.pngThis chart only includes the five studios that have made the most in the box office since 2000, so it’s interesting to see where there are gaps (meaning another studio has managed to do particularly well that year, despite not being in the top 5 overall) – having a nosy at the films released each year by studio, the gaps in rank 1 and 2 are the following:

Year Rank Studio Three highest earning films
2007 2 Viacom (Paramount) Shrek the Third ($323m), Transformers ($319m), Bee Movie ($126m)
2008 2 Viacom (Paramount) Iron Man ($318m), Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ($317m), Kung Fu Panda ($215m)
2011 1 Viacom (Paramount) Transformers: Dark of the Moon ($352m), Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol ($209m), Thor ($181m)

Let’s take a closer look at Disney… they start and end in the top spot but fall right down into sixth place in 2008.
disneyThe breakdown of Disney films below shows which films have helped them move back up the rankings. Clearly The Force Awakens is head and shoulders above the rest – nevertheless, Disney was beaten to the top spot in 2015 because Universal had a particularly good year (mainly down to Jurassic World).


The question is, will Disney be able to maintain it’s lead in 2017?

Disney have a lot on the agenda for 2017 such as Beauty & the Beast, Guardians of the Galaxy, a new Pirates of the Caribbean film and (of course) the next instalment of Star Wars.

However, other studios have a few potential high earners on the horizon too:

  • Time Warner (WB/New Line) are releasing the new King Kong movie – Godzilla had a domestic gross of $200m, so who will win the battle of the box office?
  • NBC/Universal are releasing Despicable Me 3 – with Despicable me being their third highest earning movie to date, how will the next film compare?
  • News Corporation/Fox are releasing Logan and the final instalment of the Planet of the Apes films – will films from these franchises be able to compare to the likes of Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean?
  • Sony are releasing a new Spiderman film – 4/10 of their highest earning movies are currently Spiderman films, so could this be a year where they move up the rankings again?
  • Paramount are releasing yet another Transformers film in June ’17 – could this be enough to put them in the top 5 rankings again?


Hope you enjoyed this post – feel free to click the link below to find the data used for the analysis and to check out the code.

Download the code

Note: All box office data is sourced from Box Office Mojo and is based on domestic gross box office earnings


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